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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

~ dari ema kepada afiq

to my dear heart of glass ,
it's beautiful to see ,
but be careful !
it's always fragile .

my dear rose ,
i saw it different from others ,
i want to pick but my fingures hurt coz of it's thorns ,
it's a rose from forbidden garden ,
so protective .

my dear heart of glass and rose ,
i handle carefully your heart ,
give the best care of your rose ,
as i feel gratefull to HIM ,
who had accepted my prayers ,
by opening your heart for me ,
by giving me chance of loving you ,
im th luckiest girl in this universe ,
nothing to be regrete of having you in my life .

my sunshine ,
i might be travel away the time you read this letter .
but promise me sweetheart .
no tears bout this .
no crying especially because of me ,
as i love you so much .
i didn't mean to hurt you in any way ,
it's understood if i'll not be forgiven .

honey ,
there are things you need to learn ,
about life , family , friends , love and faith .
you just need to continue the journey of yours in the road of your life .
you never knew what had waiting for you in the future .

my boy ,
if you think life become meaningless without me ,
don't ever think that way again .
as im the only phase in your life .
you have the immortal lover to be loved -God .

God ,
please help him ,
please protect him ,
please give the best for him ,
please guide him .
never stop loving him .
always shower him with your hidayah .
don't take back his iman towards you.
please . . .
as these the least i can do .
my prayer will always be with you .

love ,
you may find a better girl than i am .
you deserve it .

lots of love ,

 emma noordin

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