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Saturday, February 5, 2011

.: lets play the happy song :.

after a few hours keluar dengan MP (*my papa aka pak we aku*) , his twin sister , and cousins. 

aku find out that actually kami just missed each other. missed to spent time together. talking. seeing each other faces. laughing at each other without a reason. tu je. nothing else. 

big issue? memang ada. any relationship pun ada big issue. or maybe issues. :) but mine,i guess both of us learn something from our old mistakes. dia pernah curang. aku pernah curang. we gave each other a 2nd chance to fix things and it works. hopefully lepas ni,there wont be any big issue, especially regarding orang ke 3. ;p

unfortunately, first thing in the morning esok MP dah nak pergi. for the record, ni our first date for 2011. anniversary pun sambut separatedly. and yet aku still counting days hoping akan jumpe again soon. :)

apa apa pun. sayang, i love you so much! thanks. you gave me pain so that I learn to appreciate. and I hope we'll have a better relationship so that we could last long ke anak cucus. ;)

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